When to Replace Vinyl, Aluminum, Cedar & Other Siding Materials on Your Keller, TX House

Your home is a place that you will have to constantly be working to keep looking good and functioning well. There are areas of the home that will need your attention on a regular basis as well as repair and replacing. It is just the way it goes when you own a home. Many people also choose to upgrade, remodel and renovate their home as well to make life easier, increase the value of the home and have better curb appeal. If you want to keep your house looking good from the outside it is a good idea to know when the best time is to replace your siding. The siding really makes the biggest impact on the look of the home and if it is bad shape the house will not be in top shape. The siding not only helps with the aesthetic of the house but it also is a layer of protection. You want to know what signs there are to let you know that you need to replace the siding.

Regency Quality Construction Outlines How to Tell Your Siding Needs to Be Replaced

Vinyl Siding is Cracked: If you look around the outside of your home you should have siding that is in good shape and not damaged at all. If you start to see cracks forming in the siding you want to make sure that you have them replaced. This can be from normal wear and tear and it can be from some type of damage. It might be a car hit the house, toys, or kids running into the house. No matter the reason the cracks create space between the siding and the house and it will prevent it from protecting the house. The cracks may seem small but they will get larger over time and the amount of debris and moister that it lets in will increase as well. You may notice more cracks on the side of the house that has more contact with the sun.
Warped Siding: The siding that is on your house should be smooth, clean and straight. The reason that it has to be straight is it is the only way that they come together. The siding should be able to connect to each other seamlessly and that is not possible if the siding pieces have been warped. You can look down the side of one of the walls to look for warping. It you notice that the pieces are waving back and forth instead of a nice straight line then they are warped. You want to make sure that they are removed and that new siding is installed on the house.
Water Leaking & Damage Behind Siding: Another problem that usually happens when you allow the warped or cracked pieces to exist is that there can be mold and mildew growing. Once you have moisture that is under the boards it can be hard to dry out. The moisture is what will let the mold grow and that can be damaging to your health. You will need to remove the siding, have the mold and mildew cleaned and fresh siding installed.

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