Whole House Remodeling

If you find that you aren’t happy with the size and layout of your home, but you can’t seem to find something that you are in love with, consider calling on the contractors at Regency Quality Construction to make your home what you have always wanted. We have a crew of in house contractors that will deliver quality craftsmanship and superior results when you entrust you whole home remodel on us.

Whole Home Remodel Planning Process

The key to a successful whole home remodel starts with a detailed plan. The design team at Regency Quality Construction will walk you through the planning process so that your vision for your home is clear to our team. During this consultation, we will help you devise a budget, style & design and vision for what you want your final remodel results to look like.

How to Remodel a House Step By Step

There are several projects that will be going on at the same time when you choose Regency Quality Construction to handle your whole home remodel. Here are a few of the many renovation tasks that may be included in a whole home remodel:
– Demolition
– Removal & Construction of Walls
– Electrical & Plumbing Installation
– New Flooring
– Cabinetry
– Appliances
– & More

As we wrap up your whole home remodel, you can count on Regency Quality Construction to put the finishing touches on your newly renovated home. Our attention to detail make us your leading choice in home remodel. Call us today!