Faux Venetian Plaster Techniques & Other Decorative Custom Finish Wall Painting Ideas in Euless, TX

If you want to have your home painted but you don’t want the standard solid color wall then faux painting might the best for you. Most homes have paint that is placed on the wall as a solid color which is painted on all the walls. The other option that people have is to put up wallpaper but this is not always the best option for many people. If you want to add to the elegance and the uniqueness of your home is to have your walls painted with faux paint. This is a process that a professional should do because they have the tools and the expertise. The paint that is used in not faux but the finish product is faux because it will mimic other materials. You want to talk to your painter about the faux options that they offer and what would be best for you. You also want to make sure that you determine where you want this intricate work done such as kitchen walls, bathrooms and accent walls.

Regency Quality Construction Outlines Decorative Wall Faux Painting Techniques

Faux Wood Grain Paint Technique: One of the options you have when it comes to faux painting is to have a space, wall or door to look like wood grain. Wood graining is a great option in a home that you want to add some rustic look without having to add actual wood. This is a great way to spruce up a door or sliding barn doors that you want to look more country. To be able to mimic the look of wood the professional has to use the right technique and color to get the proper outcome.
Sponge Faux Painting: One of the other options that you have when you want to add some texture and dimension to a room is to use faux sponging. This is a technique that a professional will use where they use a base color that they will allow to dry. Then they will use a secondary color that they sponge onto the wall to create depth and the appearance of texture. The work that is done has to be uniform so that the color is balanced out while not looking like it was completely intentional. The color that you choose can be anything from yellows, browns, blues and even pink to create this textured look. The type of sponge that is used will cause a different look when the room is finished. There are some sponges that are larger holes while others are tight. The outcome will be different when they are applied.
Faux Venetian Plaster: Another option that you have is to bring in a European look to your home. Many people will choose to have this done in their entry way and kitchen to create a look that is very different than the standard. The old look of the plaster is a beautiful finish and that can be created with faux painting. They will use certain techniques as well as colors to create this very cool and fun look. The finish will require the wall to actually be textured that can be done with plaster and then the shading comes in when it is painted in a particular way.

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