Custom Kitchen Island Ideas in Carrollton, TX; Seating, Sink, Shelves, Storage, Colors & More

Remodeling kitchens is a common project for many homeowners. Whether they are looking to update the appearance or modernize the function, kitchen remodeling is something that is highly beneficial to daily living and increase your home value too. This gives you a chance to customize the kitchen to better suit your needs. When it comes to the kitchen, kitchen islands are a useful feature appealing to most people. Today, we at Regency Quality Construction would like to share some ideas on how you can select a kitchen island more appropriate for you, instead of opting to get the first one you see assuming they are all the same.

Kitchen Island Designs with Seating of 4 or More

Take advantage of the island to provide additional seating in your kitchen. Whether you have a formal dining room or a simple dining area, having extra seating can be useful when you have guests over, or just want an informal place to rest as you wait in between the stages of cooking. The island helps make the extra chairs look purposeful.

Pros to Kitchen Sink in Island

The kitchen islands are often the perfect place for prep and having an additional sink easily reached can be highly beneficial during the prepping. Having two sinks allows you to dedicate one for dirty dishes and the other strictly for prepping needs, can keep the process sanitary.

Add Shelves to End of Kitchen Island

Doubling as both function and a decorative display, adding the shelf can be an optimal place to store your colorful cookbooks, beautifully designed dishware, and other kitchen-like knick-knacks. Your shelf can be used for daily use as well, allowing to keep measuring cups and spoons within reach or an excellent place to store the cookie jar.

Clever Storage Ideas for Kitchen Island

Because there is a decent amount of square footage with your kitchen island, it can be an ideal place to secure storage options. Extremely beneficial for smaller kitchens, equipping the island with more storage can help you better organize your kitchen. Whether you use it to store your dishware, cookware, or bakeware, or want a localized area for smaller appliances and gadgets, or simply want a place to store the little kids’ snacks so they can reach them easier, the island is useful. Storage options also allow you to conceal garbage and recycling bins.

Kitchen Island Colors

When it comes to the style of your island, keep in mind that it does not have match with the cabinetry. You can opt for a bold color to make the island stand out or subtler with a neutral color such as gray, white, or black.

Kitchen Remodeling & More in Carrollton, Euless, Keller, Southlake, Trophy Club and Fort Worth, Texas

The above-mentioned kitchen islands are just a few ideas and the possibilities are endless. No matter what you have in mind for your kitchen island, and kitchen remodeling project, call Regency Quality Construction and let our artisans help you find the right style, function and dynamic for your kitchen.